About JGA-Beacon, Inc.

JGA-Beacon, Inc. has been building a reputation as the premier supplier of exterior building products since 1977. Founded as JGA Corp by John G. “Jimmy” Alston, the firm had its beginning when Alston purchased the remains of John McDaniel Wholesale from the bank. The John McDaniel company began as a hardware wholesaler and morphed into a wholesaler of residential and commercial building products. In December of 2004, JGA was acquired by Beacon Roofing Supply, North America's largest publicly traded roofing distributor.

Today JGA serves all of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi from locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Florala, Hattiesburg, Jacksonville, Macon, Mobile, Montgomery, Peachtree City, Pearl, Savannah, Smyrna, Suwanee, Tallahassee and Tifton.

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